About Us

Our Company

Clear Vue Cyclones was founded in 2004 by Ed Morgano and Matt Morgano as a family owned business in South Carolina. The primary focus of Clear Vue Cyclones is manufacturing dust collection systems using a state of the art cyclone design by Bill Pentz. Bushey Enterprises, Inc. purchased the company in July 2010, and relocated to Seattle, Washington. In July 2013, Clear Vue Cyclones decided to return to its roots and moved back to South Carolina, where it continues production and support of these high quality systems.

Current Management

Bushey Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned business established in 1994. After some research, James Bushey was convinced that his ‘dust blower’ was a health risk in his home woodshop, and ordered one of the last units prepared by Ed Morgano at Clear Vue Cyclones. Upon hearing of the company’s dissolution, it was clear that something needed to happen to ensure that woodworkers across the country would have access to the healthiest particle separator on the market. A simple phone call to brothers Chuck and Paul resulted in a quick trip to South Carolina to meet Ed Morgano. It is their desire to continue producing this state of the art dust collection system for years to come.

Charles A Bushey, Jr. - chuck @clearvuecyclones.com

Paul E. Bushey - paul @clearvuecyclones.com

James H. Bushey - james @clearvuecyclones.com