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  • Mini CV06 with cone

    The Mini CV06 is back and better than ever! This scaled down version of our larger cyclones works with shop vacuums and offers outstanding separation and containment of dust particles.

    It is a wonderful addition to any shop!

    For more information about the Mini CV06, please visit:

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    This looks neat. I've been quite happy with my "short" CV06 bought a couple years ago, but would be interested in any improvements!

    Does the cone make a substantial improvement to the separation of fine dust?

    Can owners of the "short" CV06 order a retrofit kit to add just the cone to an existing short CV06 body and bucket?


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      A scaled version of the Bill Pentz cyclone design, the Mini CV06 is a great addition to any workshop. Used in conjunction with your shop vac, it is ideal for hand tool work stations and general dust clean-up.
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        Today I received, installed, and used my CVo6. It replaced an imported and smaller cyclone dust separator that has fed my Fein Turbo1 shop vac for a couple of years. The imported cyclone separated about 80% of the shavings, chips, sawdust, and sanding dust that I generated in my home woodshop. Though satisfied with the separation, I was concerned that it also limited the airflow. Ergo the move to the CVo6. It was a VERY good move; based on the crap swirling in the CVo6's cyclone today, I expect the separation to be as good or better than before. And the air flow, at the end of 15' of 2" hose, is greatly increased. I'm pleased.


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          I have had my CV06 for around a year now. It is attached to a large Rigid shopvac.

          The shopvac canister is still empty, and the filter looks clean. I have run everything from sander dust to pellet smoker ash through it. Today, I had it on the drill press, and I noticed suction was lacking. Sure enough, I had picked up two big pieces of scrap that were blocking the clone at the top. Cleared them - back to normal.

          Was a good purchase. I can't compare to the DD or the like, but I bought a $20 Chinee knockoff once on eBay that went into the trash, as the pressure drop was horrific.


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            I have both the original CV06 and one of the new versions -- both are very efficient. I use the new one with my mitersaw (connected to the outlet on the guard) with collection through the CV06 by a 16-gallon ShopVac equipped with a drywall filter bag. Like ddowel, I find very little dust collected in the ShopVac and nearly all of the residue in the 5-gallong bucket below the CV06. I have a 2-1/2" diameter extension hose that I move to my stationary Belt/Disk sander outlet when I use those tools. An excellent product.


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              I should add (for any prospective buyers), I do NOT recommend the Lowe's blue bucket as a collector. The lid is very "flexi". After barely a year, I noticed my suction "sucked". When I investigated, the lid was disintegrating inside the lip, and I had serious air leaks. I actually had to clean out the filter as a result, which made me sad.


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                Dust had built up in the dead space between the cover of my cyclone lid and the top of the air ramp. I believe this does not impact performance but it looks unsightly. I removed the dust by drilling a 1/8" hole through the cover just above the lowest point of the air ramp. I then ran the vac occasionally covering the input with my hand and sometimes poking the dust with a metal hanger. It took about 15 minutes. This scheme should work for the larger cyclones. I closed the hole with a screw.


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