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Ductwork Design Services

Clear Vue Cyclones offers ductwork layout plans for your shop.  Our experienced designers can recommend the optimal placement of the cyclone system in order to minimize expense and maximize dust collection efficiency.  

Duct Design Services are available to either existing Clear Vue customers or new customers in conjunction with a system purchase. We offer two different options for duct design:

•  Indicates the recommended location of runs.

•  There is no fee for this option.

Cost / FREE

•  Indicates the recommended location of the runs.

•  Recommends the ducting diameters.

•  List of parts and estimated pricing using QF galvanized ducting.

•  Design fee is $250 USD for the first 10 connections and $25 for each additional machine connection.

•  Fee is pre-paid before services are rendered.

•  The first $250 of the design fee is applied to your ducting order.

•  If a ducting order is not placed, the entire design fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

•  Changes to the location of a machine once the design has begun may result in additional charges.

Cost / Starting at $250

Design Considerations

Regardless of which option you choose, you will need to answer a few questions about your shop, as well as
provide a complete layout of your space.

When drafting the layout of your space, the following are some recommendations to consider:

  • Your cyclone should be located in a place where ducting will be minimized.
  • Machines with large ports, multiple ports or produce a high volume of dust should be placed closest to
    the cyclone.
  • Straight lines are better than turns. Placing machines along a wall or in a line help make your dust
    collector work with the ducting more efficiently.
  • We recommend a minimum of 5 feet of straight pipe going into the dust collector, if possible.
  • Examine any possible obstacles to ducting paths when placing machines in your shop.
  • Consider the height of your ductwork. Do you want it above lighting, along the ceiling, above windows,
    below the floor, etc.? Make sure your cyclone system is placed to accommodate the desired height.
  • It is important that your machines are located where they will be when your shop is functioning.
Example of a ducting run.

Once we receive your completed form and shop layout, we will either draft your plan in-house or forward it on to our ducting provider for completion, depending on which option you choose.

General ducting plans take on average 3-5 days to complete. Detailed ducting plans take on average 1-2 weeks to complete. Please note timeframes are estimates only and may change based on work in-house.

Need help with duct design?

Fill out our Duct Design Service form and we'll help you create either a general or detailed plan!

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